About Company


  • to provide consumer with modern-designed top-quality products, complying with high tech developments;
  • to invest into future, creating a reliable infrastructure aimed to provide consumers with top-quality products and services;
  • to improve product quality by increasing the technological level of production;
  • to adapt the products to the operating conditions in the countries where the company plans to organize its sales.

  • high quality products and their compliance with international and national standards;
  • result-oriented and mutual beneficial cooperation, ensuring favorable terms of partnerships, knowing and understanding partners needs;
  • using our professional experience gained over 15 years of successful work;
  • long-term cooperation, the result of which is the stable development of DoorHan group of companies and its projects.


1994 — was installed the first sectional door of own production. Since then, the company DoorHan has grown from a small assembly company into a multinational manufacturing holding company, DoorHan Group.

2008 — the company started production in Europe.

2010 — started the production of sandwich panels using an automated production line, at DoorHan s.r.o. located in Kadan.

2012 — were launched the paint booths, allowing to paint the doors in all RAL colours.

2013 — company owns a bending machine for arches and a profiling machine for the production of guides, angled posts and omega profiles.

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